Desi's Statement on the Current Economic Crisis in Illinois

Desi Anderson, Candidate for State Senate in the 46th District has released a statement on the Economy, Inflation, and Taxation:

"Never in my lifetime have Americans faced such a crippling economic turnabout in such a short period of time. Core inflation is the highest it has been in 40 years and it is compounded for hard-working families in IL with a double-tax on gasoline at the pump, making IL one of the most expensive and heavily taxed states in the union. Mortgage rates are rising at the fastest pace on record. Families are paying thousands of extra dollars at the pump, at the grocery stores and restaurants and business owners are treading water. With seven out of 10 American workers already living paycheck to paycheck their wages are quickly not allowing them to make it through the week. Low and middle income families are suffering the most at the hands of failed leadership and policy at the national and local levels. We owe it to ourselves to restore government institutions with public servants who will legislate for the people rather than against them." - Desi Anderson, Candidate for State Senate in the 46th District