Desi Anderson's Statement on Caterpillar Moving its Headquarters from Illinois to Texas


Desi Anderson, Candidate for State Senate in the 46th District has released a statement on the business climate in Illinois:

"Illinois businesses and communities associated with CAT are now feeling the same heartbreak and uneasiness that Peorians felt five years ago when CAT announced their HQ move from downtown Peoria. Caterpillar in many ways is the heart of the Peoria economy and it is hard to imagine a thriving city or even a surviving city if Caterpillar were to accelerate their move from IL and Peoria manufacturing. The fact is IL is not business friendly; IL democratic politicians have been waging war on small and large business for decades with their economic policy, and it is culminating in the biggest and best companies in the world saying goodbye. These companies need assurance that the local infrastructure can support their ability to grow and recruit talent. There are consequences to having some of the highest taxes and crime rates in the country. Families and workers in Peoria have been making the same decision to leave for years, which perpetuates a vicious cycle of even higher taxes, crime rates, and crumbling infrastructure as there are fewer citizens to pay the bills required to have a safe and thriving city. We can and must reverse this course and make the city of Peoria the magnet for business that it once was." - Desi Anderson, Candidate for State Senate in the 46th District