Desi's Statement on the Dangers of the SAFE-T Act

Desi Anderson, Candidate for State Senate in the 46th District has released a statement on the concerns with the SAFE-T Act:

“We must continue to fight against the SAFE-T Act here in Illinois. We are less than three months away from the anti-police and anti-safety legislation going into effect, making Illinois the first state to eliminate cash bail while releasing violent criminals back onto our streets. One of the most dangerous components of this bill that coincides with no cash bail is the new identification of someone posing a “threat”. As my opponent State Senator Dave Koehler recently said on the news, “If you’re not a threat if you’re not a risk, then why do we clog up our jail system with people who aren’t able to afford it. That’s the impetus of this.” Well, according to a letter from the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Association, a defendant can only be detained when the defendant “poses a real and present threat to a specific, identifiable person or persons.” This means that if someone gets arrested for drunk driving, they can be released since we cannot specifically identify who the next person they pose a threat to is. Unlike my opponent, I have zero tolerance for violent and dangerous criminals roaming the streets where our children play. The SAFE-T Act must be repealed before irreparable harm is done to our communities.” - Desi Anderson, Candidate for State Senate in the 46th District