In less than two decades of my adult life I have watched our beautiful country be transformed for the worse and put on a trajectory that is unsustainable economically, while our liberties have been encroached. There is a crisis of leadership at the local and state levels in IL, who have not only passively allowed this to happen, but have actively caused harm.

As a new mom and small business owner I cannot avoid the fact that if those of us who love our freedom, our neighborhoods, our businesses, and our families do not stand up and take our country back from career politicians and anti-American ideals, then my son’s future will look more like the Communist world I was born into, than the country I dreamed of coming to. I will be a voice of and for the people who love our Republic, its rich history, and its hopeful future. In a polarized society I want to unify people around things that are good and true and right and use that same unified spirit to stand up to the corruption and self-interest that is causing families to leave our great state at record rates.

The 91st House district is one of the more important districts in our state. We have the opportunity of a lifetime to protect what is sacred to us, preserve what has been built and promote a broad spectrum of beauty and goodness that we have been blessed with.