Desi Meets with Business Leaders in Peoria

Desi Anderson toured CSE Software in downtown Peoria followed by a tour of the amazing Riverfront Museum!

"As a small business owner myself, I truly believe that small businesses are the backbone of our future. The investment made by Lara and Renee, founders of CSE in Peoria is what strengthens the 46th district. CSE has been developing software and hardware and creating technology solutions for over 30 years. Keep up the good work, proud to see the fruit(s) of their hard work! I appreciate Renee for taking the time to show us around and introduce us to some of her co-workers!

John and Bill, thanks for giving us a tour of the museum! The Peoria Riverfront Museum is home to a surplus of both American and Illinois history, as well as one of the best collections of decoys in the nation! It is truly amazing to see how integral Peoria has been in this area and I look forward to earning the trust of the voters in this area." - Desi Anderson, Candidate for State Senate in the 46th District