Desi Meets Voters at BLOOM's Coffee Bar

Desi greeted voters and fellow coffee-lovers at BLOOM's Coffee Bar in Bloomington to help support local business!

"A big thank you to BLOOM's Coffee Bar in Bloomington for letting me help out in the morning and greet their amazing customers! Small businesses are the backbone of this country. Central Illinois is home to a variety of businesses that love to serve the community, like this one here in Bloomington. Illinois has not done enough for small businesses but I will always support local and small businesses! Places like BLOOM's Coffee Bar play a huge role in the area. In Springfield, I will work to attract more businesses like this one to the area and work to support them as they boost our state's economy. I look forward to seeing you all at my next small-business meet and greet!" - Desi Anderson, Candidate for State Senate in the 46th District